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This was my second time having lip fillers done. I was very hesitant since my first experience had been extremely painful with prolonged recovery time. My first time around, I had made an extended effort to go to an orthopedic surgeon, thinking it was my best option. While he was certainly qualified, he performed a dental block to begin the procedure, followed by a series of many injections, both in the upper and lower lips. While my long term results turned out well, the experience was traumatizing and the recovery was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced in my life. I had severe bruising for nearly a month afterwards, and couldn’t speak, eat or drink for days.

Comparatively,  my experience with Brilliance Aesthetics was night and day. Carrie was friendly, skilled and extremely understanding, especially given my past trauma. Her positive and encouraging energy, coupled with the adorable chic decor in her office made it a very pleasant experience. Upon her suggestion, I did not receive any dental block, only a topical dose of lidocaine, which was simpler and surprisingly less painful and traumatic than putting a huge needle inside my mouth. The procedure was quick, clean and I had nearly NO SWELLING afterwards! She only injected a minimal number of times, which eased pain and post-procedural bruising.  I absolutely love my results!

A few hours after my treatment, I suffered a panic attack at home (I had been so scared and anxious the entire day before my procedure) and she was available late into the evening to take my call, reassure me and answer any questions I had. Brilliance Aesthetics not only offers skilled aestheticians, but ones who genuinely care about the well-being of their patients, outside of the office.

For me, personally, I learned my lesson: while highly specialized surgeons offer basic cosmetics procedures, it doesn’t necessarily equate to a pleasant or comfortable experience - especially when procedures are over complicated and overpriced. I included two photos below. One is two hours following my treatment, last year. The other is two hours following my treatment with Carrie - a picture describes a thousand words. I will be returning to Carrie in the near future for additional fillers, and botox also. I highly recommend Brilliance Aesthetics for first-time or repeating clients!